Pointshop2 documentation

Pointshop 2 is the next generation shop system for Garry’s Mod. Its features include:

  • Live item editing
  • Lua-less creation of items
  • Inventory and Item slots
  • PAC3 Integration

The official website where you can download Pointshop 2 for free is https://github.com/Kamshak/Pointshop2/

If you need any help setting up Pointshop 2 or you are experiencing some issues you can join official PS2 Discord server at https://discord.gg/N9DmwwX

DLCs available(some DLCs may not be availible or may not work properly!):

This is the documentation site for Pointshop 2. You can find guides and explanation of various options here. If you are a developer you will also find detailed instructions for interacting with the script.