Creating Pointshop Skins

Pointshop 2 skins are implemented as derma skins. This means that the Paint functions of Panels are passed to a skin. If you are creating a skin you cannot overwrite or modify any of the files but have to do your skinning entirely through a skin.

The name of the skin which is used is set within the main configuration file at lua/ps2/shared/sh_config.lua. The default flatui skin can be found in lua/ps2/client/cl_dermaskin_flatui.lua. The inventory is seperately skinned through the skin configured in lua/kinv/shared/sh_config.lua, the default skin can be found in lua/kinv/client/cl_dermaskin.lua

Example Skins

Types of Hooks

There are two types of hooks that you can use to customize looks and behaviour:

  1. Layout Hooks: These are always called after initialization of the component. You can use this hook to replace components with custom components or to reposition components.
  2. Paint Hooks: These work like the normal panel:Paint hooks, use this to customize the appearance of the different panels.

If you are missing a hook on a component that you want to customize, please send Kamshak a pm on scriptfodder.


Fonts are defined as skin properties and can be customized through a custom skin as well.